• Upgrade of
    AI Technology

  • Difficult to gain
    High Quality Data

  • Mis-Match of AI
    development technology
    and Clinical demands

  • End User
    = Doctor

Al Diagnostics Company where clinicians take
the lead of establishment & participate

"Clinical AI"

Heuron Co., Ltd. is a medical AI development company estblished in 2017 that provides a treatment solution for central nervous system disorders that is based on an AI model implemented with a clinical specialist’s diagnostic insights. More than 20 clinical data-centered diagnostic programs are currently under development for such disorders as Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia, Stroke and Brain tumors​, Heuron’s research & development are led by specialists under the direction of Chairman Donghoon Shin (MD, PhD).

As modren society enters “super-aging” status, the number of central nervous of central nervous system disorders occurring each year is increasing, However, since there are no clear dedicated diagnostic methods and treatments for these, the future demand for new drug development and applications of AI-based software, innovative technology for the prevention & treament of central nervous system disorders, is increasing rapidly. (Journal of the Korean Society of Radiology, March/2019)

We have developed and launched AI sofrware that enables early diagnosis of degenerative disease of the brain which have not been standardized in current image reading for medical imaging (CT, MRI) of central nervous system disorders. Also, we have commercialized an automated brain disease imaging biomarker based on AI technology. We are confident that this technology will reduce the time and cost of new drug development for central nervous system disorders and increase the success rate of clinicla trials.

These AI disgnostic and monitoring programs will provide advanced prevention of degenerative human brain diseases in the future and contribute to improved patient quality of life.


  • 2021.05

    Brain image detection and diagnosis support software(mPDia) and Medical Image Analysis Device Software (Veuron-Brain-pAb, Veuron-Brain-clS, Veuron-Brain-mN1) obtained CE Marking certification

  • 2021.03

    Completed registration of 3rd grade manufacturing license from MFDS for brain image detection and diagnosis support software (mPDia)

  • 2021.02

    Obtained health technology certification for Nigrosome biomarker discovery technology in MR imaging for Parkinson’s Disease

  • 2021.01

    Korea’s first dementia analysis Software (Veuron-Brain-pAb) obtained US FDA approval

  • 2020.07

    Obtained 2nd grade manufacturing license certification from MFDS for Medical Image Analysis Device Software (Veuron-Brain-pAb)

    Medical Imaging diagnostic Software (mPDia) designated as Innovative Medical Device No.3 by MFDS

  • 2020.05

    Obtained 2nd grade manufacturing license certification from MFDS for Medical Image Analysis Device Software (Veuron-Brain-mN1, Veuron-Brain-cIS)

  • 2017.11

    Heuron Co., Ltd., (former) BnG Health Co., Ltd. established